Job Description

Title: Case Manager

Classification: Non-Exempt

Reports To: Clinical Supervisor

Position Summary:

The Case Manager is responsible for establishing, along with the member, a lifelong, person-centered, goal oriented process for coordinating the supports (both natural and paid), range of services, instruction and assistance needed by persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. This position is also responsible for ensuring that the maximum potential and productivity of a person with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in making meaningful choices with regard to his/her life and his/her inclusion in the community are achieved.


  • One or more years of full-time or part-time paid experience in the ID/DD field.
  • Less than one year of experience in the ID/DD field with the restriction that the individual be under the supervision of the Clinical Supervisor.
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in a human service field. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in a non-human service field may be considered under the restriction that the individual be under the supervision of the Clinical Supervisor.
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License and access to a working vehicle. Must have a clean background check

The items listed are essential functions of the position unless otherwise stated Essential Functions:

  • Accept referrals and provide the applicant and his/her family with the information necessary to choose between service options and/or providers. Coordinate the initial medical evaluation and, Social History assessment if applicable and available.
  • Upload information, including the IPP to the Administrative Service Organization (ASO) for review.
  • Ensure application for financial eligibility at the DHHR office in the county where the applicant lives or ensure that the applicant, his/her family and/or legal representative make the financial application.
  • Promote a valuable and meaningful social role for the member in the community while recognizing the member’s unique cultural and personal value system.
  • Interface with the ASO on behalf of the member in regards to the assessment process, purchase of services, or budget process.
  • Activities may include linkage, submission of information, coordination of choice of appropriate assessment respondents on behalf of the member, education and coordination of the most appropriate assessment setting that best meets the member’s needs.
  • Conduct communication with other service providers on the IDT to allow for continuity of services/payment of services, and timely budgeting of services. Coordinate evaluations as needed to be utilized as a basis of need and recommendation for services in the development of the IPP.
  • Coordinate the development of a new IPP at least every six months and as needed.
  • Access the necessary resources detailed in the IPP, make referrals to qualified service providers and resources, and ensure that service providers implement the instructional (behavioral) and service objectives of the IPP. Visit the member monthly at his/her residence to personally meet with the individual and service providers to verify that services are being delivered in accordance with the IPP in a safe environment, and check that documentation of services is occurring. Other duties as assigned.

Other Requirements:

  • Knowledge and skills in practicing management of time and tasks. Ability to follow complex and demanding procedures and skills in working with individuals on a one to one basis as well as in a group setting. Ability to learn and communicate effectively on complex programs, procedures and policies.
  • Ability to present a positive professional and personal appearance and image to the general public, parents and guardians, clients and peers. Ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively written and oral. Accomplish all tasks as assigned or requested by Supervisor.
  • Follow the guidelines and meet responsibilities set forth by all applicable regulatory and accreditation entities
  • Ability to function effectively and efficiently in a “team environment”.