The Arc of the Three Rivers advocates and provides services to individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to achieve full inclusion in the communities where they live, work and play.

There are five general funding sources for whom we provide services.

  1. Medicaid Title XIX Waiver – We provide a full spectrum of services to those that qualif y for Title XIX services. This begins with application for the funding and continues with services coordination and service delivery through our own services or referral to other agencies.

  2. Medicaid ICF/MR – We provide group home services to those that qualify for these services. We have a group home for four adult males and assure comprehensive services to those in the program.

  3. Representative Payee – We provide financial management services for people with Social Security Insurance (SSI) and to people that qualify for Veteran Administration benefits.

  4. Support and Alternative Services – We provide services and supports on an as needed basis to people that do not qualify for Title XIX Waiver services. This can range from day habilitation services to assistance with medications.

  5. Private Pay – Contact us to arrange services via private pay.