This is just a few of the many services The Arc of the Three Rivers offers to those with disabilities.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment offers job placement in the community, job coaching and long-term follow-along to eligible referrals from Vocational Rehabilitation. This program provides opportunities for competitive employment while offering a level of support that meets the individual’s needs. Job interests are determined through a series of assessments and every effort is made to locate a job in the individual’s area of interest. Consideration is given to an applicant’s skills, transportation options, etc.

Achieve and Opportunity Centers

Achieve and Opportunity Centers offer a supportive program to adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities which assists individuals to develop, maintain and enhance their ability and confidence in personal, social and community activities. Skill development activities occur in the areas of communication, self-care, socialization, relationship-building, healthy living, self-advocacy and community involvement.

A major focus is to become involved in and contribute to the local neighborhood and community, spending time with other people with similar interests. The program supports the person who may have employment as a goal but who needs more support and instruction in order to be ready to obtain a desired job. Volunteer job opportunities are offered where the individuals can try out different types of work and see if it is a good match for them.

Residential Services

Residential Services provides a wide range of housing options, including apartments, condos and single family homes for adults with developmental disabilities. In these settings supports are designed around the needs of the individual with emphasize on health, safety and independence. Family Support Plans and Individual Support Plans

Service Coordination

Service Coordination services establish, along with the person, a life-long, person-centered, goal-oriented process for coordinating the supports (both natural and paid), range of services, instruction and assistance needed by persons with developmental disabilities. It is designed to ensure accessibility, accountability and continuity of support and services. This service also ensures that the maximum potential and productivity of a person is utilized in making meaningful choices with regard to their life and their inclusion in the community.