Job Development


Job Development services are designed for analysis, situational assessments, and supports in either acquiring or maintaining competitive employment. These services should enable each person who receives services to attain and maintain employment at the highest level of work in a setting matched to the individual’s strengths, interests, priorities, and abilities. Job Development Services are supervised by a Supported Employment Services supervisor or a BSP.


Job Development Services include, but are not limited to, such concepts as:

  • Planned visits and meetings with prospective employers to facilitate job acquisition;
  • Negotiating job duties and employer expectations;
  • Analyzing work duties expected by the employer;
  • Creating, modifying, or customizing a community-based job so that it may be successfully performed by the person who receives services;
  • Assessment in integrated employment settings to evaluate task management and job skill requirements;
  • Assessment of personal interactions with co-workers and the public and supports to assist a person who receives services in developing a business plan and obtaining funding to start his/her own business.