Pre-Vocational Services


Pre-vocational services are designed to create a path to integrated community-based employment for which an individual is compensated at or above the minimum wage, but no less than the customary wage and level of benefits paid by the employer for the same or similar work performed by individuals without disabilities. These services should enable each person who receives services to attain the highest level of work in a setting matched to the individual’s strengths, interests, priorities, and abilities.


Pre-vocational activities in the plan must be developed exclusively to address the habilitation and support needs of the person. Activities must consist of programs of instruction/training developed and evaluated by a Behavior Support Professional. Supervision, assistance, and specialist services are provided under the direct supervision of a Pre-vocational Program supervisor.


Pre-vocational Services include, but are not limited to, such concepts as:

  • Attendance;
  • Task completion;
  • Problem solving;
  • Interpersonal relations;
  • Safety;
  • Appropriate attitudes and work habits, such as socially appropriate behaviors on the worksite;
  • Adjusting to production and performance standards of the workplace;
  • Following directions;
  • Compliance in workplace rules or procedures;
  • Appropriate use of work-related facilities, such as restrooms, cafeterias/lunchrooms, and break areas; and
  • Accessing and managing any personally available funds.